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Related article: man's T-shirt. Soon Kevin was as naked as the other
two and was the centre of their attention. Keith and
Adam slurped their way around Kevin's cock and balls,
paying particular attention to the sensitive area of
the horny youngster's Lolitas Nymphet Girls uncut head and the frenum just
at its base. Kevin was half way to cumming before he
got to the main shop and so with this treatment it was
not long before Lolitas Nymphet Girls he was ready to blow a load. Keith
knew this too and began to suck Kevin's cock with
greater energy until he was again rewarded with a
mouthful of hot youthful spunk, which he swallowed
eagerly although he did offer some to Adam as well.
During this session Keith had been less inhibited
about playing with his cock and Adam had become aware
of this.
As Kevin lay back for a few moments to recover, Adam
took his chance and began to w his employer's exposed
cock head that was glistening with pre-cum. As soon a
she could Kevin joined in and began to lick around the
older man's balls and towards his hairy arse hole.
Keith loved this double treatment and would often let
it continue for some time but tonight there was other
business to be done so he allowed himself to lose
control relatively quickly. Adam was slightly
surprised when he realised that Keith's piss slit was
beginning to widen and Kevin felt his older friend's
balls begin to tighten. Adam's mouth remained firmly
planted over Keith's cock head but there was room for
Kevin to slide his lips and tongue along the now
throbbing shaft. As Keith's balls began to churn and
send their production on its journey to the outside
world, Kevin and Adam prepared to feel and taste the
resulting explosion. Kevin felt Keith's prick shaft
throb violently and then felt the contractions as the
muscular tube fired the creamy cum into Adam's mouth.
Adam allowed quite a bit of the precious tasty jizz to
slide down the shaft where he knew Kevin would eager
eat it all up. Gradually the stream of cum shooting
from Keith's prick subsided to just a trickle and the
two horny shop assistants licked their manager's prick
completely clean as he lay back recovering from his
In a very short while all three were recovered and
Keith began to question the two assistants about what
had happened earlier. Adam and Kevin both told about
the two different boys that had come into their shops
and bought cycling shorts. They each also told about
how horny the two teenagers had been and described in
some detail the horny events that had happened. Keith
was smiling at the shop assistant's accounts of the
fun they had each had with one of the two teenagers
but then rather thoughtfully he asked,
"I don't suppose either of you know who these boys
Kevin looked a little crestfallen and shook his head
but Adam was slightly more self-confident,
"I think my one is the son of our family dentist. I
think they're called Taylor and they live a couple of
miles out of town on the main road."
"Are you sure?" asked Keith.
"Yes I'm nearly 100% certain. I saw him a few times
when my sister was having her teeth straightened. But
why are you so interested?"
Keith sighed and smiled at the two younger men,
"Because if we know who they are we could join in
their fun when they go on their cycling weekend. We
could have a real orgy and if these too are as horny
and as you claim they'll be well up for it."
"Fuck yeah!!", said Kevin his cock beginning to
splutter back to life at the prospect of another round
with Bill's beautiful prick.
"Count me in", said Adam with equal enthusiasm, his
cock also beginning to show signs of life also.
"OK well the first thing is to find out when they are
going and when. I have a little plan. I shall ring up
the Taylors and say that we are offering a free
bicycle service as a contribution to road safety and
suggest that they bring any bikes that are going on a
reasonably lengthy journey in before they are used.
With a bit of luck both boys will bring their bikes in
and we will be able to find out Lolitas Nymphet Girls
more about their plans
when they do."
Kevin was already tugging at his cock as Keith
unveiled his plan and Adam was reaching over to help
him. Keith however spoke sharply to the pair of them,
"Plenty of time to do that later! We must get
everything ready."
Reluctantly the horny lads agreed and began to get
dressed and help Keith prepare for the 'cold calling'
offer of free bike service.
Back at home, neither Ben nor Bill had any idea that
their planned weekend was likely to be highjacked by
the bicycle shop owner and his two assistants. Neither
did the two boys know that the other had purchased a
pair of tight cycling shorts for the trip. After they
had got back from their shopping trips, the two
teenagers had met as usual and had spent a short time
discussing the arrangements for their forthcoming
weekend away. As usual the thought of being able to
spend a couple of nights alone in a tent with only
themselves to please had made the horny teens hard.
However, as it was a Saturday night both houses were
bustling with activity and the opportunity for
anything other than a quick wank was not really
As they sat in Bill's bedroom close together at Bill's
desk, Ben felt his friend's hand gently unzip his
jeans and begin to push inside. Ben opened his legs a
little wider to give Bill better access and sighed
quietly as the probing hand made contact with his
stiff cock. Bill began to massage Ben's cock and soon
he was wanking it with some degree of speed. Bill had
pulled Ben's foreskin off the head and was just
wanking the shaft. This was a method Bill knew would
always excite his friend and make him cum quickly.
Bill also slipped a small paper tissue under the desk,
as he knew that he would Lolitas Nymphet Girls
have to catch Ben's cum or it
would likely cover his jeans and make a telltale mess.
Ben was enjoying the attention that Bill was paying to
his cock but wished they had more time and were alone.
His mind drifted away to what might he hoped happen
later the following week. As he day dreamed of sucking
and being sucked by Bill, Ben began to shoot his load.
Bill caught every last drop in the tissue and when he
knew that Ben had finished cumming wiped the sensitive
head of his cock to ensure that every last drop of
spunk had Ben cleaned up. Bill carefully withdrew his
hand and brought the wet tissue into view and, having
ensured that they were not likely to be overseen, had
sniffed the soggy tissue and then offered it to Ben to
sniff. Then Bill carefully put the soggy tissue Lolitas Nymphet Girls
the drawer of his desk.
The smell of his own cum made Ben want to reciprocate
with Bill. He wanted a tissue soaked in Lolitas Nymphet Girls
Bill cum to
sniff as well. Bill read Ben's thoughts and moved
closer to his friend and waited for Ben to put his
hand on his tenting jeans. He did not wait long, Ben
was unzipping him almost at once and reaching in to
grasp the spongy head, wet with greasy pre-cum. Ben
ran his fingers over the head and over the rim to the
shaft which he grabbed and proceeded to wank with a
slow steady motion. Bill pushed his prick into Ben's
hand as his friend worked on his shaft. Ben began to
speed up his wanking action as Bill found a second
tissue and gave it to his horny friend. Ben took the
tissue and wrapped it loosely round the head of Bill's
prick and then he began his final assault on his
friend's cock, wanking it faster and faster until he
knew that Bill was about to explode. Ben loved to fell
the throbbing contractions of his friend's prick when
it shot its load so he gently squeezed the Bill's
prick as he felt the cum begin to soak the tissue.
Like Bill, Ben waited until every last drop had
emerged from the piss slit before removing the tissue
and then he, too, slowly drew the spunk soaked paper
to his nose and inhaled deeply. Bill leaned forward
and smelt it too. He offered to place it in the drawer
with the other cum soaked tissue but Ben, to Bill's
surprise, shook his head. Ben had another idea; he
opened his still unzipped jeans and pushed the soggy
tissue inside his underwear where it could rest
alongside his cock. Grinning at his friend Ben then
zipped himself up with the tissue inside his clothes.
Bill decided to do the same and took the tissue from
the drawer of his desk and pushed it inside his
underwear and then Lolitas Nymphet Girls
zipped up.
The acrid smell of teen cum pervaded the room so the
two horny teens opened the window and then went
quickly downstairs. In the kitchen Bill's mother was
preparing food and looked up at the two boys,

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